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About Realfoot Shoes

  • Who are Realfoot shoes designed for?

Simply put, they are for anyone who wants to experience the natural feeling of freedom while walking and doing sports. Whether you are new to barefoot shoes or have been wearing them for years.

  • What materials are used in the production of the shoes?

A wide range of materials are used, from 100% cowhide leather to its vegan alternatives and AirNet mesh and textile.

  • What is the leather alternative used in Realfoot vegan shoes made of?

It is composed of 90% non-woven polyamide (microfiber base) and 10% PU (nubuck finish) that gives it a leather-like appearance.

This material is OEKO-TEX certified for regular, orthopedic, and safety footwear and is free from harmful chemicals. It is non-woven, so it does not fray and is much less prone to cracking, significantly more durable, softer, and more breathable compared to standard synthetic leather.

  • Where and how are the shoes made?

Realfoot shoes are hand-sewn in EU countries.

  • What kind of insole is included in Realfoot shoes?

In our shoes you will automatically find a removable 4mm STANDARD insole. Our insoles are highly shock-absorbing, which is why they can also be considered a compromise and are perfectly suitable even for barefoot enthusiasts.

In addition to the standard insole, you can also purchase a 6mm ENDURO insole with increased cushioning and insulation effect.

  • What functional membrane is used in outdoor shoes?

The TE-POR membrane prevents external moisture from penetrating into the shoe, while at the same time allowing the foot to breathe, as it releases water vapor and sweat from the foot out of the shoe. This keeps the feet dry and warm.

  • How durable are the soles against wear and tear?

So far, we have not had anyone wear out the sole of our shoes. Its abrasion resistance is at the level of military footwear.

Choosing Realfoot Shoes

  • How to choose the right size:

Measure your foot and refer to our easy-to-use size chart. If you are between sizes, we always recommend going up a size. You can also order both sizes and return the one that doesn't fit. After all, it's a matter of personal preference, as we don't know if you prefer more or less room for your toes.

  • Are Realfoot shoes suitable for fallen arches?

Yes, thanks to the unique shape of our shoes, which gives your toes room while still supporting your foot in the middle and back (arch and heel), your arch can function as well as it does in any other shoe. When developing our models, we focus not only on the longitudinal arch (to the toe), but also on the transverse arch (which almost no one has developed today) and also on the outer part of the longitudinal arch.

  • I have a high instep. Will Realfoot shoes fit me?

Our shoes fit customers with high insteps as well. They offer more space than conventional shoes even in terms of width in the instep area. The best thing is to simply try them on.

  • Are the shoes wide only in the toe area, or also in the rest of the shoe?

The shoes are wide only in the toe area, where there is more space even in height. The middle and back parts have a standard width.

  • Are the shoes also suitable for driving for many hours?

Yes, driving is very comfortable in Realfoot shoes.

Ordering, Payment and Delivery

  • What to do if I didn't receive a discount code for my first purchase?

Check your spam, junk, promotions, or updates folder in your email. The email with the code may have ended up there. If you cannot find it anywhere, please contact us.

  • Can I use the discount code retroactively, after paying for the order?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The system does not have the option to apply the discount retroactively. Therefore, always enter the code into the order before confirming and paying for it. 

  • What to do if the payment did not go through the payment gateway?

The banking system sometimes automatically evaluates a payment as potentially fraudulent, even if it is not. In this case, it will not allow you to make the payment. Unfortunately, we cannot influence this problem in any way. If this happens, we ask that you pay for the order by bank transfer or let us know that you would like to pay by cash on delivery.

  • Can I change my order after payment?

Orders are processed automatically. If you make a mistake, you can try to write to us, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to modify the order in time.

  • How quickly will I receive my goods?

Shoes that are in stock are shipped within 1-2 days of payment for the order, so that they reach you as soon as possible. Delivery by courier takes 2-4 business days depending on the workload of the transport company.

If the goods are not in stock, we indicate an estimated availability.

  • Can I pick up my order in person?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. We currently do not have any pick-up points. You can have your order delivered by Zásilkovna, either to your home or to one of their pick-up points.

  • Will I pay customs duty on an order outside the EU?

Yes, if you want to have an order delivered to a country that is not a member of the EU, it is possible that its customs office will charge you customs duties. It is up to you to find out about this from the individual authorities. We cannot tell you whether and how much customs duty will be charged to you, as each country has its own rules.

Returns and Complaints

  • What is the warranty on shoes?

The warranty on our products is standard according to the law, which is 2 years. More information about the warranty and the possibility of a complaint can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

  • Is it possible to return or exchange footwear?

Shoes, socks and accessories purchased in our e-shop can be returned according to the law within 14 days of delivery at your own expense. The condition is to return them in the original packaging and unused condition. You can find more information on this page.

A completed Withdrawal from Contract Form must be attached to the returned goods. Unfortunately, it is not possible to return goods outside the EU countries due to complex customs processes.

If you want to exchange footwear, you must first return it according to the procedure described above. Then place a new order for the goods you have chosen on our website.

  • Is it possible to return unpacked and tried socks?

No, socks can be sent back within the statutory 14-day period for a refund only unopened, in the original, undamaged packaging.

  • Can I get the same discount on a different size if I bought discounted shoes and the original size doesn't fit me?

If the goods are on sale and you are not sure of the size, we recommend ordering both sizes you are hesitating between to make sure you receive the goods at a discounted price. Once the discount promotion ends, it can no longer be applied to new orders, even if it is the same model.

  • What happens to the goods in the case of an unrecognized complaint?

We send the goods from an unrecognized complaint back to the customer after paying the postage.

Shoe Care

  • How to care for Realfoot shoes?

For our leather shoes, we recommend using a combination of spray impregnation and nourishment after removing any dirt. You can find more information on this page:


  • What types of B2B cooperation can we establish with you?

We are very pleased with your interest in cooperating with us. As a wholesale customer, you can register here: If you want to become our affiliate partner, please visit the page with more information. If neither of these forms of cooperation is relevant to you, please write to us at and we can find another option.

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