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Barefoot shoes with the widest toe box in the world

We studied the human foot and reasons why some people just cannot get rid of their health issues
despite wearing barefoot shoes.

And this is the result:


  • Better shape
  • More space for toes
  • More functional sole


Handmade in EU

Our shoes are handmade in Zlín, Czech Republic, with maximum care by shoemakers skilled in the traditional Baťa art of shoemaking.

The quality of production and materials is our top priority.


Widest in the right area


While all shoes that we found on the market so far get narrower from the toe joints to the toes, our shoes are different.

Realfoot shoes continue to get wider from the toe joints. Even on the little toe side. That means that the toes do not have to fight for space and they can move freely while walking, making the entire sole of the foot stronger.

This finally sets your little toe free, offering absolute freedom to the entire sole of the foot.



Všechny prsty

We need all toes for proper foot development!

We know that stepping out of the box is the first step. If you want to start the process of taking your feet back to their natural ways, you have to give them the space and conditions they need.

And that is what we give.



A sole that protects your foot without restricting its movement

It took us 3 years to find the optimal solution. This search resulted in a masterfully balanced combination of a sole and a removable insole that stimulates movement on natural surfaces such as wooded trails.

  • Gives the sole of your foot feedback to engage all natural mechanisms.
  • Allows your foot to respond to the surface
  • Provides light shock absorption
  • Protects against hard impact, sharp rocks and the cold


A new level of stability

This completely flat sole that moves in all directions combined with its unique width allows your toes to literally “grab” the ground giving you a new sense of stability whether you are standing or on the move.




Realfoot idealist, co-founder, concept creator

“When I put on barefoot shoes for the very first time, something inside of me smiled. They allowed me to start feeling the soles of my feet.

However, the more my feet developed, the more I realized that it was not enough. Natural movement still looked differently. And my smile started to fade.

I decided to study the foot, dreaming about shoes that would allow my feet to keep smiling forever.”

Matyáš is a leading Czech natural movement instructor






chief executive, co-founder, creative soul of the project


“I spent a lot of time knocking on the doors of Czech shoemakers only to hear them send me and our concept straight to the madhouse until, one day, I knocked on the door of a workshop full of amazing open-minded professionals.

That is where we developed shoes that I stand behind with my whole heart. I stand behind the quality of these handmade shoes and their respect for the natural needs of our feet...”

Oldřich is an entrepreneur, a creative mind, a developer and an avid Aikido enthusiast. He creates things that make sense to him...




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