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Toe socks

We highly recommend wearing toe socks with our shoes. Conventional socks are the first hidden "killer" of natural foot movement, as they squeeze the toes together tightly. Realfoot shoes and toe socks are the perfect combination to give your feet exactly what they need.

With toe socks, you can take full advantage of the wide toe box of Realfoot shoes and activate all the mechanisms of your feet. Let your feet show their full potential.




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toetoe sports running ankle black 1 1 2 SOC/SP/RA/B/35-38
silver mid calf socks mnq 2 2 SOC/HEA/SL/DG/35-41
silver black01 2 SOC/HEA/SL/BL/35-41
toe socks outdoor liner ankle black 4 8 3 (1) SOC/OUT/LA/BL/35-38
toetoe outdoor liner trainer blue 1 2 1 SOC/OUT/LT/BLU/35-38
toetoe essential mid calf red 1 TOE/ES/MC/RED/35-46
toetoe essential mid calf fawn 1 TOE/ES/MC/FAW/35-46
toetoe essential mid calf white 1 TOE/ES/MC/WHT/35-46
toetoe essential anklet grey 1 1 TOE/ES/ANK/GRE/35-46
toetoe essential anklet black 41 TOE/ES/ANK/BL/35-46
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